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SHHA - Located in Burke, Virginia and Founded in 1977. Signal Hill is a community of 493 homes encompassing The Oaks, Woodedge, and Signal Hill neighborhoods.

2023 Annual Meeting - Results

Congratulation's To Our Newest Elected Board Members

Kurt Duty, Edward Naidamast, and Chris Wiggins 

SHHA's Annual 2023 Holiday Lights Challenge Winners

Judged by the members of the SHHA community 

1st Place: 9013 Parliament Dr.

2nd Place 9018 Fort Craig Dr

3rd Place: 5626 Point Roundtop Ct.

Thank You To All Who Participated And Voted!

Honorable Mentions: 

5412 Mt Greenwich Ct; 5591 Blake House Ct; 5608 Fort Corloran Dr; 5611 Mt Burnside Way; 5616 Meridian Hill Pl; 5625 Mt Burnside Way; 5657 Mt Burnside Way; 9005 Fort Craig Dr; 9106 Lyon Park Ct; 9110 Lyon Park Ct; 9112 Parliament Dr; 9115 Home Guard Dr

Our Promise To You

Commitment, reliability, & follow through...

Things you Should Know...

A Quick Thank You.

The December 2021 Meeting resulted in the passage of the amendment to modify the covenant to allow for fences up to 54” and 33% or more opening design. The total was 380 votes approving and 14 votes disapproving. Therefore, the amendment is approved!

HOA Meetings

Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 07:30
  • 11 Jan 2024
  • 8 Feb 2024
  • 12 March 2024
  • 11 April 2024
  • 9 May 2024
  • 13 June 2024
  • 11 July 2024
  • 8 Aug 2024
  • 12 Sept 2024
  • 10 Oct 2024
  • 14 Nov 2024
  • 12 Dec 2024 Annual Meeting

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